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Super-bedbugs are here and almost impossible to kill, experts warn

Failing to tackle Britain’s growing bedbug problem will herald a return of Victorian-era infestations, experts have warned. An outbreak of the blood-sucking parasites has been reported in Paris, with residents and tourists taking to social media to post images of the bugs – which are about the size of an apple seed – crawling across train seats and hotel bed sheets. If you beloved this post and you would like to obtain far more details concerning hydraulik praca za granicą bez znajomości języka (https://rybak.ofertyn.pl/) kindly visit the web site. The deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire, last week claimed that ‘no one is safe’ from the ‘scourge’ of bedbugs, whose bites cause painful itching and even permanent scarring.

Meanwhile, some have suggested that the bedbug infestation could easily spread from Paris to London via the Eurostar. The trainline has confirmed it is now checking all departures from Paris – 16 each day – for the tiny insects which often hide in fabric. But specialists speaking to the MoS claimed the UK already has a growing bedbug problem which can no longer be controlled by conventional insecticides. And studies suggest that bedbug cases have risen by a quarter in the past 15 years.

The West Pomeranian Business School – Academy of Applied Sciences Szczecin. Faculty in SzczecinSCOURGE: Bedbugs have spread in Paris’s hotels and trains – but there are already record infestations in the UK

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