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Buying a Property in The South of France

kierowca ce praca za granicą, https://opiekunka-dziecieca.ofertyn.pl/praca-w-polsce/; You’ve just come back from that incredible Easter break in the South of France – the wine, the food, that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ – you even took a morning out to look around the real estate agents for property for sale on the French Riviera. So, what’s your next step? You’ve been discussing investing in a holiday home for some time now and you’ve finally decided on the South of France and the French Riviera – a great decision! Doubtless you’ve seen and heard of the horror stories about people buying property aboard, and discovering issues with building permission or the complete collapse of the property market and economy within that country.

Well, if you’re thinking of buying property in France and in particular the French Riviera or a villa in the South of France – then you couldn’t have picked a better place. Property ownership in France has never been as popular as in other European countries, a large percentage of the population just rent. With the added stringent rules surrounding French mortgages, this has meant that property prices in the South of France and in particular the French Riviera have been relatively stable.

The last 7-10 years have seen very good growth but property in this region of France has not been affected by the global property crash as much as Spain or Portugal and Ireland. Property prices are still strong, indeed Knight Frank Global Price Index showed a 9.5% annual increase in French property prices in the last quarter of 2010 and rental yields from villas in the south of France are buoyant due to the large number of congress in Cannes and the enormous number of tourists coming to the French Riviera throughout the year .

In fact as a holiday home or an investment – property in the South of France and on the French Riviera is a justifiable idea. Obviously, buying a property on the French Riviera or elsewhere in the South of France is not a decision one should rush into, there are a few important question to answer before you make that final decision. Budget: How much to spend is always the biggest question, plus your ability to pay the mortgage if one is required. France has quite stringent rules on mortgage lending, making it harder to borrow money, however, this has proven a vital element in saving France from a property crash.

Location: The coast or the mountains or some rural village, actually the South of France and French Riviera has a multitude of options you can choose from. Some towns and village are about 25 minutes from the cost and 50 minutes from the skiing in the winter months – so you could literally get the best of both worlds. Use: Is it for sprzątanie klatek schodowych lublin holidays, an investment to rent out short term or long term?

This decision could actually dictate the location. If you are purely buying as an investment to rent out, a typical holiday destination (whether coastal or mountain) or a popular destination for congresses such as Cannes would be beneficial and increase the likely-hood of good rental yields.

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